Some Great
Memories Of Our
"Club For
Only The Finest Of People"
SINCE 1978
The above underlined statement came from my heart, and it is so true,
If we could do it over again,.. I would squeeze, hug & kiss everyone
they would probably say OK .... let me go .. : o )

If you were here from the beginning like most of us were,
the journey we took with KISS, was sort of like growing up together as kids
and It burned memories in our hearts .... and actually made us a family.
All the photos on these pages, plus a million others that I lost
, and the ones
I didn't get a chance to take their
I want to say thanks for coming into my life and supporting KISS

These pictures are from 1978 to present. If you were at KISS from the beginning
Be sure to look close and you
will most likely see or recognize an old friend from the past
at a very young age....
Enjoy these photos, and reminisce .., Then forward it on to friends ...
Hey.... we're going do it again ..... One more time,
love to all the KISS family.

There are a lot of photos of people missing from this site that passed through
KISS, and I'm sure a lot of people would love to see a photo of their smiling faces
again and reminise. So get those pictures to us.
This way our KISS family of friends will be together and remembered
by everyone,
and those who left us early will be kept alive in memory..
love always, Jack

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