A little KISS history for those who REMEMBER,
and for those who don't know..

It all Started with a little "KISS" in 1978
Located on the shore of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
1978 to 1996

Take notice, you will never see a Fence constructed with Telephone Poles
as we used to surround our Patio and Close In Our Dinning Room...

Our first "KISS" was located at 60 Lake Shore rd., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
Opened in 1974 as Jack's, The club was renamed "KISS" in 1978, It was at that
point It became know as the best club on Long Island by the community. We
had decks on the roof', and multi level decks over looking the lake. On Sunday
afternoon you had a hard time to even get near the club. At the end of 1983 we
finally had to relocate to a larger building. While KISS was still open we moved
into our larger location.

Below we would like to share a brief story written about KISS by a patron,
he describes the feeling towards KISS.
The names mentioned were staff at the time, who are still all
very good friends and stay in touch with each other, and still patronize KISS.

And we still operate with that same feeling - "FAMILY"

1984 - 1996
Our Second "KISS"

"KISS" - Was also located on the shore of Lake Ronkonkoma, on Rose Drive
We had a six lane bowling alley with bar, a gorgeous restaurant, hotel rooms for
rent, a basement bar known as the RathSkeller. Then in another building , we
offered a Huge Night Club, dance floor. and Patio. All sitting on 10 acres
overlooking the lake.

Unfortunately again we out grew the location and the neighbors were not
happy with "KISS" located there, because we drew a crowd that was unbelievable.
We battled with Suffolk County trying to steal our land, and the neighbors for 12 years
trying to have "KISS" closed down.
lies and false claims they were able to have "KISS" liquor license suspended & shut down
in September 1996.
We appealed the license suspension and closure Immediately, while waiting for the appeals decision we
relocated within a year and built a summer location in Cherry Grove on Fire Island.
Within 18 months we won the appeal and our Liquor License was reinstated,
but unfortunately it was too late, the closure put us in a financial bind, and the location had to be sold.

1997 -1998

Our Third "KISS", a summer location at Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY

"KISS" Re-located to Bayview Walk, in Cherry Grove on Fire Island.
Because of our reputation within the community we were
lured over to Cherry Grove Fire Island by a property owner with a promise

of a long lease on a hand shake deal, hand shake deal due to our previous liquor license being under
suspension and was on an appeal.
. The site had nothing. With our Ideas, knowledge of building, and creating skills,
we again built and developed the location into the best and most popular club at Cherry Grove,
and naturally called It
After all our building and hard work was done, the property owners (hand shake partners)
seen the guaranteed
successfull location beginning to happen, and started playing games
looking for ways to get out of our hand shake deal , Greed had set in ...
We left in 1998 and sued them, and they settled. ....

At Certain Locations We Opened Under A Camouflage Name, But
It Was Always KISS Inside. We Did this Because If Neighbors Got Wind
That KISS Was going To Open Near Them, They Would Actually try To Stop It...
This Was Due To KISS Known As A Club That Drew A Very Large Crowd.

2000 - 2005

Then came "HONEY'S" -Our Fourth KISS

"HONEY'S" in Bayport, ( Starting Over Again ) we bought the building, and with our skills we took
another location that was closed up and falling apart, and we created a small
dynamite club. We built a Huge outside patio that should have been in a magazine.
While at Honey's we received an offer from a wealthy person "Al Minkoff " to come in
as a partner. We accepted his offer, and after two years together he offfered to financially back the
building of a" Major Entertainment Complex" with a Concert Hall, Night Club & Restaurants
that would cater to the community.
While preparing to start building the new location, we put Honey's up for sale,
and sold it Immediately. During the negociations of purchasing the land and designing
the building my business partner "Al " who was loved dearly suddenly passed away,
this bringing KISS to a halt, as we couldn't go back to Honeys, it was sold, and in contract.
Hang in there we're not done yet ..
:o )

Better days are coming.....

Always Remember ..
: o )

See everyone at our new location ....!